Standby Power Management

For the House


Appliances that have a standby mode like a television or computer, or have a digital display when not in use like a microwave or DVD player, can sometimes use more energy in standby then they do in use over a year.  Standing power controllers work to reduce the amount of time appliances are on standby thus reducing the amount of energy consumed and reducing the amount of carbon emitted.


An average household energy use through standby power can often exceed 20% of all appliance consumption and up to 10% of total residential consumption. A home can save up to $140.00 per annum through the use of Standby Power controllers and an estimated savings of $1,400 over ten years.


There are a number of incentives available for standby power controllers which allow them to be provided at a low cost. Even with no incentives they are an affordable item that offers a good return on investment. We recommend getting a quote by clicking here.


The availability of energy efficiency programs and/or incentives for appliances may vary from state to state. For the latest information we recommend requesting a quote from a professional energy efficiency company.


As many of you might have seen in the shops, standby power controllers (SPCs) are becoming more popular. So how does it work? Simply put, the SPC is able to turn the standby power to you appliance off once it detects it has been turned off and may be able to control the power to other peripheral devices as well. There are two main types available AV and IT. AV SPCs have been designed to be connected to televisions, DVD players and general AV appliances while IT SPCs have been designed for computers and other similar applications. The power saving though the AV SPC is generally greater than that though an IT type.

SPCs might come with a master and slave sockets. What this means is that when the master appliance’s standby power is turned off the appliances connected to the slave sockets are automatically turned off. This is useful because appliances such as DVD players, video players and home entertainment centres can be turned off as soon as the TV has been turned off. The device has a sensor that runs on very low power that will cause the appliances to jump back in to life once it senses the signal from a remote control.

Well you may ask what will happen to my set top box or decoder that you may want to keep on all the time. Normally the SPCs come with an “always on” socket which will allow you to connect those appliances to.